Arttec Fine Art and Graphic Art Pads

Bank Layout Pads - Translucent bank paper is used to create these quality pads.  Excellent for layout work, drafting, preliminary sketches and drawings.  Backing board for additional support.

Bond Layout Pads - Semi translucent bond paper is used to construct these pads, thicker in weight than bank paper. Ideal for rough sketches, initial drawings and calligraphy practice.  Backing board for additional support.

Tracing Pads - Tracing pads can be used for all types of reproduction and technical drawing work. Excellent for card making and for creating overlays on design work.  Backing board for additional support. Glued and tape bound.

Como Pads - Como pads are legendary in the Australian art industry.  Famed for their unique Australian made drawing cartridge paper, which is versatile and can take almost any medium.  Como has maintained its quality and reputation for more than 30 years and still enjoys the strong following of a product customers have come to know and trust.  Glued and tape bound on the short side with a  backing board for additional support. pH neutral and acid free. Tablet bound.